UtiliCon Solutions: Performance Driven Services for Utility T&D Infrastructure

Engineeering, Design and Construction Project Mangement Services

Founded in 2012, Power Delivery Solutions (PDS) provides complette, cost effective engineering,design and construction project management services for transmission and distribution lines. Our experts focus on line voltages from 4 kV - 500 kV, and a variety of structure types including lattice steel, tubular steel and wood poles.

Our services include:

  • Distribution

    • Construction standards development
    • Third-party attachment surveys and cost estimates using GPS
    • Circuit surveys to enhance reliability and records systems
    • Field storm assessment

  • Transmission

    • New lines and rebuilds
    • Line ratings, including solutions to increase line ratings
    • PLS-CADD line modeling
    • EMF modeling & mitigation
    • Routing & cost studies
    • Line condition assessments

  • Construction Management

    • Supervision and storm staffing
    • Specification reviews
    • Coordination and review of construction & outage scheduling
    • Material hardware review & inspection
    • Detemrinng construction yard & wire pull locations